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Welcome to the Halling Spice Menu section. Discover the true rich flavour of India, inspired by the historic cooking of curry. We blend our experience with the best & exotic ingredients to give you a taste to remember. From our marinated chicken & lamb dishes to our soft and delightful naan breads, here at Halling Spice, choose whatever dish you please and enjoy good food. Treat you or your guests with food that is prepared fresh everyday.

If there are dishes you cannot find on our menu, please ask a member of staff, who will most likely be able to create your desired dish for you. There are no discounts available on the offers as they are prepared with a discounted price. Also, if you have any Allergy PLEASE LET OUR TEAM KNOW BEFOREHAND. 

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About The Food

Exotic curry's prepared



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Halling Spice offer a truly remarkable approach to curry making. We prepare our dishes on the same day as we do business. That way, you can be assured that you receive the best tasting dish. Through the use of fresh herbs & spices, we know exactly what creates the spark in the dish, to make you really enjoy good food.